Web Hosting Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Do you allow adult content?
    2. Will you transfer my domain name for me?
    3. I already have a domain registered elsewhere. Do I have to transfer it to
    4. What forms of payment do you accept?
    5. How quickly will my account be activated?
    6. Can I upgrade my account?
    7. Do you offer a money-back guarantee?
    8. Are domain registration fees included in my bill?
    9. Can I have third level domain names setup like
    10. Can I host more than one domain name with my account?
    11. Will I have a unique IP address?
    12. Why don't you supply all domains with unique IP's?
    13. Why don't you offer unlimited bandwidth?
    14. I heard that some browsers do not support name based hosting. Is this true?
    15. How long does it take for my domain name to become active?
    16. What kind of support services do you offer?
    17. What services do you offer?
    18. Do you support ASP?
    19. Will I have unlimited FTP access?
    20. Will I have shell (telnet/ssh) access?
    21. Do you offer dedicated servers?
    22. Do you offer reseller services.
    23. Why do you charge so much for SSL? Other hosting companies offer it for free.
    24. Do you you have an "uptime guarantee"?
    25. I already have a site somewhere else. Will you help me transfer it?

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